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Framing Solutions

Our advanced framing solutions are designed to save our clients time, costs & offer a high-quality alternative to traditional building/house framing methods like stick framing. With cutting edge technology, custom design & manufacturing processes, P3 Panel Company continues to provide industry leading service & design for the framing contractors & house framing companies in and around Ottawa.

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Custom design for Commercial & House Framing Companies Ottawa

Custom design and manufacturing process built to commercial & house framing specifications

Our commercial & house framing teams will ensure that each panel is constructed accurately according to the plans. Using a 3D model, we double check every measurement before each panel is put together.

Reduced time and cost for framing companies & builders, reduced time and cost for buyers

With P3 Panels, framers, framing companies & builders will eliminate time needed for stick framing. Instead, we will provide you with each panel, stacked in sequence, to save you time in the overall framing process.

Reduced Carbon Footprint for House Framing Companies near me

Industry Leading Quality and service, our 100% guarantee to reduce carbon footprint

Our commercial and house framing product is subject to constant quality checks. From material inspection to double checking each cut, our team ensures your panels are exactly what is required for the job.

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Download commercial & house framing Brochure

P3 Panels provides a cost effective and time efficient commercial & house framing solution for framers, framing contractors, framing companies & builders that translates to value for the buyer, without sacrificing quality and service. Our 11-page brochure will offer further information on what we stand for and what we deliver. Download a copy to learn more about how P3 Panels can assist you in your next residential or commercial project.

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Our Process for Commercial & House Framing Companies and Builders

P3 Panels offers a streamlined process from design and manufacturing through to the delivery and installation. Our team of experts will help to ensure accuracy and quality are met at every step.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have taken the time to answer some of the questions people like to ask us. If you don't see your specific question or answer please contact us.

How do I save money using P3 Panels?

Our product is built off-site during the weeks leading up to framing. By using P3 Panels, builders can save on skilled labour costs, clean up costs and material waste.

How much project time can I expect to save?

By using the stick framing method, builders can expect to budget a minimum of 10 days for the project to be framed. With P3 Panels, builders can have the framing complete in as little as 3 days.

What type of lumber is used to produce P3 Panels?

P3 Panels are built using 100% Canadian lumber. Each piece is inspected to ensure that panels are constructed using only the best materials.

Where are the panels made?

P3 Panels are built in our local facility located in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

What is your process to ensure quality control?

From receiving raw materials at our facility and determining the best pieces of lumber, to double checking each measurement before a cut, P3 Panels ensures all steps in the design and manufacturing processes are quality controlled to eliminate all discrepancies on site for the builder.

What is the minimum turnaround time needed for production?

Our team of designers and manufacturers will require a minimum of 5-6 weeks to complete each project.

When can I expect the product to be delivered?

Once the product is ordered, we will require 5-6 weeks for production. The delivery date for each product can be set by the builder and we will deliver all panels stacked in sequence directly to the job site.

How is the product delivered?

P3 Panels are delivered in stacks and in sequence. This allows for the builder to take one panel and place it directly beside the next panel in the stack. Our panels are stacked to eliminate any guess work.

What types of buildings use P3 Panels?

P3 Panels are designed for multi-unit residential buildings up to 6 storeys. These panels can also be used for residential homes and commercial buildings.

How do I start a project with P3 Panels?

Each project starts with a consultation with our design team. We will work from your plans to create a 3D image. From here we design each panel and begin the manufacturing process.

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