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Wall Systems

We offer many significant advantages over conventional stick-framing techniques, ultimately enhancing job-site efficiency, reducing construction time, ensuring exceptional structural integrity, providing cost-effective solutions, and promoting sustainability in construction practices.

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    Wall Panels

    Dedicated to delivering excellence, our commercial and house framing products undergo rigorous quality checks. Beginning with meticulous material inspection and extending to double verification of each precise cut, our expert team guarantees that every panel aligns perfectly with the task’s specific demands. Our commitment to superior craftsmanship ensures each panel meets and exceeds industry standards.

    Custom Design

    Our custom design and manufacturing process is tailored to meet the exact specifications of commercial and house framing. With meticulous attention to detail, our teams ensure precise construction of each panel according to the provided plans. We thoroughly verify every measurement, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow for efficient production and prompt delivery, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

    Quality Guarantee

    Utilizing premium-grade Canadian lumber, our P3 Panels are meticulously crafted to uphold the highest standards of quality and durability. Prior to assembly, each component undergoes rigorous inspection by our dedicated team to ensure that only materials meeting our stringent criteria are utilized. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that when you choose P3 Panels, you’re investing in peace of mind.

    Advanced Technology

    Leveraging cutting-edge technology such as the Simpson Strong Tie software and Panels Plus machine, we ensure unparalleled accuracy and consistency in every panel we produce. Our meticulous process involves the seamless integration of advanced software algorithms with state-of-the-art machinery, resulting in framing panels that are precisely tailored to your design requirements.

    Reduce Project Time

    Our prefabricated panels are engineered to dramatically decrease the duration of your commercial and residential framing projects. Constructed off-site at our cutting-edge, climate-controlled facility, these panels are tailored precisely to your specifications. Custom-built and delivered in a user-friendly sequential stack, our commercial and house framing panels ensure a significantly expedited on-site assembly process.

    Trusted Service

    From conceptualization to completion, our dedicated commercial and house framing teams are committed to collaborating closely with you, ensuring that every detail of your design vision is meticulously realized. At P3 Panels, we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, and we remain steadfast in our mission to provide dependable solutions for all your commercial and house framing needs.


    At P3 Panels, we excel in delivering advanced framing solutions promptly to Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to quality ensures that each panel arrives on schedule and in perfect condition, ready for quick construction and assembly. With meticulous planning, real-time tracking, and flexible delivery options, we provide a seamless, customer-focused experience that supports the success of your construction projects.

    Reduced Carbon

    With P3 Panels, each piece of lumber we use to make our wall framing panels is cut to exact specification. All cut-off material is set aside for use at another time, saving on excess material cost, waste disposal fees and job site scrap material to help the bottom line of your building or framing company.

    Online Videos

    Access our comprehensive video library to explore the finest details of our premium structural components. Our videos will help you discover innovation.

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