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Floor Systems

We have expertise in manufacturing floor systems in Ottawa. Speed is a key benefit of prefabricated floor systems. By leveraging advanced manufacturing techniques and efficient processes, P3 Panels can produce these components with precision, speed, and high quality.

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    Floor Cassettes

    Prefabricated floor cassettes are engineered components designed to expedite construction processes. These cassettes are manufactured off-site in controlled environments, ensuring precision and quality. We specialize in producing floor cassettes that are ready for quick and efficient on-site assembly. By utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, these cassettes offer structural integrity and reliability.

    Floor Trusses

    P3 Panels Floor Truss Systems offer numerous benefits to designers, builders, and building owners, ensuring reliable high-performance for both residential and commercial construction in Ottawa. Custom designed for each project, these trusses incorporate the required stiffness, depth, timber grades, and span to achieve optimal performance and cost efficiency. Floor trusses also provide significant design advantages, potentially reducing the need costly structural support.


    P3 Panels’ Floor Cassettes and Floor Truss Systems offer significant benefits for Ottawa construction projects. Floor cassettes enhance on-site safety, speed up construction, comply with health regulations, and provide excellent thermal qualities. Furthermore, our Floor Truss Systems offer high efficiency and cost savings by reducing the need for extensive structural support. Together, these systems deliver reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

    Superior Components

    Elevate construction standards with P3 Panels’ precision commitment, ensuring excellence from material inspection to the final cut. United Edge offers high-quality
    building components, including roof trusses, floor trusses, wall panels, LVL beams, glulam beams, sheathing, I-joists (with rim board), connectors, and complete packages. Our commitment ensures top-tier quality for every project.

    Online Videos

    Access our comprehensive video library to explore the finest details of our premium structural components. Our videos will help you discover innovation.

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