P3 Panel company offers a lower cost and reduced time solution for all projects. These costs can be passed on to the buyer making P3 Panels a product you can rely on for quality and customer satisfaction.

Our panels are built at our local facility in Almonte, Ontario, just 10 minutes outside of Ottawa. Our manufacturing process takes place simultaneously with the project which saves time for the overall build and can be delivered at a time chosen by the builder. As a result, the builder will save costs on skilled labour, clean up cost and material waste.

By using the conventional stick framing method, builders can expect to budget a minimum of 10 days for the project to be framed. With P3 Panels, builders can have the framing complete in as little as 3 days.

With P3 Panels, builders will eliminate time needed for stick framing. Instead, we will provide you with each panel, stacked in sequence, to save you time in the overall commercial or house framing process.